CMA Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Sounding

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Mobile Meteorological Radar

Research Overview

Focusing on research and development of small power weather radar and mobile meteorological radar, supporting research fields include information and display, signal processing, microwave technology, control system, network engineering, software engineering, mechanical system.

Research Interests

? Small weather radar and mobile meteorological radar

a. Antenna

b. Transmitter

c. Receiver

d. Serve Unit

e. Frequency Synthesizer

f. Self-testing and calibration system

g. Power supply Unit

h. Active filter and passive filter

i. Ground object spurs Identification and Suppression

j. Retreat distance and velocity ambiguity

k. Spectral estimation

l. Over sampling Unit

m. Unattended radar station

n. weather modification commanding system

? Equipment

a. Vehicle mounted mobile weather station

b. X-band Unattended weather radar

c. X-band Doppler small weather radar


Professor Zhendong Yao

Professor Yong She

Professor Yuming Du

Professor Jiguo Wen

Associate professor Beichuan Zhu

Associate professor Fuzeng Wang

Lecturer Zhong Huang

Lecturer Lijuan Wang

Lecturer Shuo Wang

Lecturer Jian Li

Research projects

? China Special Fund for Meteorological Research in the Public Interest—Research on reference radiosonde system and observation methods (Project ID:GYHY201306072)

? National Natural Science Foundation—Research on the spectrum measurement method of non-spherical precipitation particle (Project ID:41475143)

? National Natural Science Foundation—Application research on atmospheric humidity detection using the surface acoustic wave sensor and the dew / frost meter (Project ID: 41475033)

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