CMA Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Sounding

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Lightning Monitoring

  Research Overview

The team focus on lightning physics, thunderstorm electricity, atmospheric electricity, lightning detection and protection technology, lightning warning and forecasting technology.


Research Interests

?  Lightning early warning and forecasting

?  Lightning disaster risk assessment

?  Lightning electromagnetic field numerical analysis

?  Lightning detection and protection technology



A.P. Sun Xiubin

A.P. Liu Kun

A.P. GuoZaihua

A.P. NiuHaishun

A.P. Line Gang




LecturerPeng Li

LecturerChang Yue

T.A.Sun Ling


Research Project

?  Special Fund for Meteorological Research in the Public Interest: Research on the damage effect of lightning on the electronic equipment and its protection test - development of testing system for multifunctional grounding device (GYHY200706022)

?  National Science Foundation: Research on the dynamic model of soil ionization in different soil environments (41,305,005)

?  Key project of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education: Development of the lightning detection system (13CZ0011)

?  Key project of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education: Research on the propagation of the lightning electromagnetic field (11ZA111)

?  Key project of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education: the application of regional lightning disaster risk assessment in the reconstruction of the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas (08ZC041)

?  Project of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Meteorology: the application of radar data in lightning business(H09262)



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