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Radar signal processing

Meteorological weather radar signal processing

Research Overview

This research is focused on theories and methods of weather radar signal and information processing, and involves hardware and software application development.

 Research Interests Classified by radar type

? Doppler Weather Radar

  a. Weather radar ground clutter identification and suppression

  b. Range and velocity ambiguity resolution

  c. Spectral estimation

  d. Oversampling

  e. Compressed sensing

? Dual polarization Doppler weather radar

  a. Coherency-Based Thresholding

  b. Dual polarization radar calibration

  c. Data quality control at low SNR

? Wind profiler radar

  a. Spectral estimation

  b. Phase encoding

? Airborne weather radar

   a. Ground clutter characteristics and suppression

  b. Observation mode

? Space borne weather radar

  a. Surface echoes characteristics and clutter suppression

? Equipment

  a. High-speed digital signal processor

b. successfully applied to Doppler radar, dual-polarization weatherradar, solid-state radar, wind profiler radar and cloud radar.


Prof. He Jianxin

A.P. Li Xuehua


A.P. Zhang Fugui

A.P. Wang Jiang

A.P. Tang zhiya

A.P. Wang haiJiang



LecturerWang Xu

LecturerShi Zhao


T.A.Tang Shun xian

 Research Project

? Special Fund for Meteorological Research in the Public Interest - Testing and fault detection technique of a new generation weather radar CINRAD(GYH200906040)

? Special Fund for Meteorological Research in the Public Interest – Design and testing of a miniaturized laser wind radar (GYH201406038)

? Special Fund for Meteorological Research in the Public Interest: Phased array radar key technology - Phased Array Radar Signal Processing Algorithm

? National Science Foundation - Ultra-fine resolution structural inversion of severe weather radar echoes detection (41,070,120)

? National Natural Science Foundation - Research of spaceborne radar ground clutter problem at geosynchronous orbit (41,375,043)

? National Science Foundation: Research on the Radiation Sources Model of Passsive Direction with Noise and Anti-Noise Based on the Polyhedron Array Element Energy in Atmosphere (61471069)

? National Science Foundation: the use of ground-based GPS water vapor tomography Plain water vapor under different weather background characteristics of evolution (41405036)

? National Science Foundation: weather radar signal processing based on compressed sensing (41405030)

? National High Technology Research and Development Program 863 sub-topics: airborne weather radar observation system - signal processing (2007AA061901)

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