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Radar terminal software

The laboratory has successfully developed a variety of weather radar terminal software systems. These weather radar terminal software systems including: terminal software system for ADWR-X Doppler weather radar, software system for Ka-band millimeter wave cloud radar, software system for X-band Solid-state Doppler weather radar, production terminal for troposphere wind profile radar, etc... These terminal software systems have been successfully applied in some civil aviation airport,civilian meteorological stations and military meteorological stations. We continue to develop and improve signal processing techniques, algorithms that detect and notify forecasters of hail, severe thunderstorms, tornadic circulations, downbursts and gust fronts.

   ADWR-X Doppler weather radar terminal software system

ADWR-X Doppler weather radar terminal software systemincludes Signal Processing Terminal(SPT), Control Terminals(CT), Production Terminal(PT) and User Terminal(UT).SPTisusedfor completing the data quality control and products calculation,CT is used for providing the human-machine interface for radar control and products request,PTis used forproviding the dynamic display of radar products,UT is used for playback radar products offline.In order to satisfy the special commands of airport radar (high detection precision, high real-time scan and high wind field sensitivity),the system designedspecial scanning mode, high-resolution wind field products and other secondary productsup to more than 30 kinds.This system uses the Ethernet as the transmission medium,can be convenient to realize theproducts and command parameters transmissionacross the network, supports of remote switchradar, automatic calibration, customscantasksand other functions.The system has been successfully applied to multiple civil aviation airports.


Composite Reflectivity (CR)

Echo Tops (ET)

Echo Bottoms (EB)

Contour Plane Position Display(CAPPI)

Reflectivity Cross Section(RCS)

Velocity Cross Section(VCS)

Spectrum Width Cross Section(SCS)

Vertically Integrated Liquid(VIL)

Velocity Azimuth Display(VAD)

Azimuth Radial Divergence(ARD)

Echo Top Contour(ETC)

Echo Bottom Contour(EBC)

Composite Reflectivity Contour(CRC)

VAD Wind Profile(VWP)

Layer Composite Reflectivity(LCR)

Surface Rainfall Accum. (1 hr) (OHP)

Surface Rainfall Accum. (3 hr)(THP)

Storm Total Rainfall Accumulation(STP)

User Selectable Precipitation(USP)

Radial Velocity Divergence(RVD)

Combined Shear(CS)

Layer Composite Turbulence(LCT)

Severe Weather Probability(SWP)

Hail Potential Forecast(HPF)

Storm Tracking Information(STI)

Hail Index(HI)


Tornado Vortex Signature(TVS)

Gust Fronts Detection(GFD)

Downbursts Potential Forecast (DDPF)

Multilayer CAPPI (MCAPPI)

Storm Structure (SS)

   Troposphere wind profile radar production terminal

Troposphere wind profile radar production terminalprogramming bases on WINDOWS operating system, using the latest wind profile radar signal processing algorithms. The terminal system has the following functions:radar monitoring, signalprocessing, disaster weatheralarming, and output, seek and managethe products of spectral width, signal-to-noise ratio, power spectrum, wind profile, atmospheric vertical air flow, etc..Provide variety, real-time, high precision of atmospheric sounding datafor aerospace flight safety, water monitoring, atmospheric pollution monitoring and many other fields. This system has been successfully applied in a certain satellite launch center, the aviation airport, and a variety of civil and military meteorological stations.

   Weather modification operation command system

Weather modification operation command system adopts B/S structure, no need toinstalland configure software, users through browser can directlycomplete products browsing, productsseeking, productsanimation, radar control, weather modification operation evaluation and command, etc..Users can through the system to manage the operating point,set the operating information etc.. The system supports multiple users to share data broadcast function, different users within radar scopecan share the radar data and operationinformation etc.. This system has been successfully applied to meteorological stations.

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