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Radar systems

   The X-band Doppler weather radar WXR-MD-10

achieves Doppler weather radar performance in a cost-effective way by adopting coherent receiver of modular structure and signal processing technology.

Sensitivity of this Radar is better than -105dBm, power consumption is about 300 watts, the effective detection range of 200 km. control modes of radar station main control and remote control, all the control can be realized by computer operation using the menu, toolbar or hot key. This type of Radar has been operating in Weining county of Guizhou province since July, 2011 and Urumqi of Xinjiang autonomous region since January, 2012, making a great contribution for weather modification, disaster prevention and mitigation. The radar system has the following main technical characteristics:

1 The detection performance and detection parameters is guaranteed by its magnetron emitting but coherent receiving approach, furthermore, the cost is significantly reduced..

2 Compact size and flexibility is guaranteed by adopting miniaturized transmitter withl solid-state modulator.

3 Data quality is significantly improved by adopting by adopting range-velocity fuzzy diminish algorithm.

4 Operating become easier by the multi-function application software, such as the accumulated precipitation, civil aviation course warning and artificial weather modification command system.

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