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Radar signal processor

The laboratory had successfully developed a variety of types of weather radar signal processing systems, and formed a plurality of model series products through the technical transformation. These weather radar signal processing systems have been installed in Chinese new generation Doppler weather radar system (CINRAD), which has more than two-thirds market share of CINRAD in China. And the signal processing products with CINRAD systems have been exported to the US, Romania, South Korea and other countries, which changed the situation of dependence on imports of weather radar products. In recent years, they also have developed other radar signal processing system for dual-polarization weather radar, wind profile radar and ka-band cloud radar.

   Dual polarization weather radar signal processing system

This SP system has been applied in WSR-98/XD radar system, which adopts the mode of double transceiver. The processing system is composed of high-performance and dual-channel digital IF hardware module, high-stable signal timing module, and super-processing capacity DSP processor board. IF signal from vertical and horizontal channel is directly sampled by double A/D converters and finally is processed as IQ data to be output by decoding, filtering and extracting, then complex weather radar signal algorithms are be computed in DSP board.



★Linear dynamic range:≥90dB


★Mirror-frequency suppression:≥90dB

★Channel isolation:≥80dB

★Consistency of amplitude and phase:amplitude ≤0.1dB,phase≤0.3°

★timing accuracy:≤50ns

★range resolution:50m

   Solid-state weather radar signal processing system

This signal processing system is composed of a larger dynamic digital IF receiver, a high-precision timing and interface hardware, and a high-performance hardware signal processor. It has characteristics of small space, good shielding properties and performance, especial for mobile weather radar system, and could provide seamless upgrading for dual polarization extension.

Basic products of solid-state weather radar system

(Reflectivity, radial velocity and spectral width)


★Dual-channel IF sample , transmitter envelope sample

★LFM, pulse compression


★Linear dynamic range:≥90dB


★IF DC suppression:≥100Db


★Range side-lobe suppression:better than 50dB


▲High-speed and high-accuracy A/D samples

▲Large-scale FPGA processor

▲TigerSHARC series DSP processor

▲Seamless for dual-polarization upgrade

▲Ultra small size, special for mobile radar system

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