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Ground observation System<

   Dual Reflection Transmission Visibility Meter (DRTVM)

The DRTVM with two reflectors is based on the attenuation (Scattering & absorption) of light travelling in the air. A CCD camera is used to capture the image of two light spots of different distances that are used to estimate the extinction, and visibility can then be derived from the coefficient. This new kind of transmission-meter overcame the difficulties of matching the transmetor and the receiver and the maintenance of the optical components which are always involved in the traditional transmissometers. DRTVM has been stably tested at Beijing Observatory and the Meteorological Observation Station of Chengdu University of information technology for a long time.

   Automatic Identification the Weather Phenomenon

Weatherobservations are the fundamental data which can be taken manually by a weather observer. This project utilizes the machine to observe automatically and phenomenon in real time. A CCD camera is used to capture the image of visibility restricting weather. The weather was determined by the intelligent algorithm with image feature and weather’s physical features data including temperature, humidity. The validity and reliability was tested by the data were collected at Beijing, Chengdu and Zhangye.The overall recognition rates of the weather respectively reached to 80%. The system meets the basic requirements of weather identification in some degree and it also has some reference value and practical significance for promoting the automatic recognition technology of visibility restricting phenomena.

   Hardware Contoller for Integrated Surface Meteorological Observation System

At present, there are many problems existing in the system of Surface Meteorological Observation System in China, such as more cables, more terminals, more data types, lower extensibility, lower maintenance, and lower data utilization. To solve these problems, an integrated surface meteorological observation system is organized by China Meteorological Administration, in which the Hardware Contoller is designed by Chengdu University of Information Technology independently. In 2013, the Hardware Contoller got good effect at the piloting work of the integrated surface meteorological observation server system, and it will be popularized at all over the national level weather stations.

   Automatic Sunshine Duration Observation Instrument

Sunshine duration is a basic element in observation of every meteorological station. The current, Jordan sunshine recorder is widely used in sunshine duration observation in China. However, it has many disadvantages and the data is difficult to satisfy the requirements of meteorological service.

This equipment meets the need of requirement—automatic and continuous measure the sunshine duration, with high accuracy, fast response time, lower system power dissipation, and wide temperature and humidity for working environment. Through the long-term comparative experimental observation in Chengdu, Beijing and Hebei, the results are good. It will be evaluated by China Meteorological Administration pretty soon. If this equipment put into the meteorological service, it will change the position of manual sunshine observation.

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