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1. The measuring method of electromagnetic radiation space angle, ZL201010230838.1

2. A monitoring device of transmitted pulse envelope for weather radar, ZL2020213694.9

3. Positioning control device of network multi-channel platform, ZL201220406848.0

4. A synchronous comparison and observation device of weather radar, ZL201220406904.0

5. A multi-channel data acquisition device of weather radar, ZL201220380092.7

6. The coil array of frame-shape magnetic confinement coil, ZL201220145614.5

7. The three dimensional space coil array of magnetic focusing method, ZL201220145624.9

8. A field excitation device based on the transient electromagnetic method, ZL20122113771.8

9. The detection device based on the transient electromagnetic method, ZL201220114805.5

10. A kind of digital sampling device based on the paramete of man-made influences to antiaircraft gun, ZL20122081619.6

11. A kind of switching circuit for transforming polar capacitor to non polar capacitor, ZL201220034315.4

12. A kind of weather radar test and fault detection device, ZL20112020213473

13. A kind of weather radar receiver dynamic rang device, ZL201120213708.7

14. Photosensitivewarning device, ZL201120030261.X

15. High-speed data transmission system, ZL201020160597.3

16. Digital down conversion system, ZL201020160568.7

17. A USB-based data acquisition device, ZL201020160582.7

18. A medium frequency acquisition device, ZL200920169097.3

19. A frequency source based on the technology of DDS harmonic extraction, ZL2013 2 0475603.8

20. The comprehensive integrated system of the earth's surface meteorological observation, ZL201320289699.9

21. The intelligentized device of photoelectric-type sunshine recorder, ZL201320289994.4

22. The device of automatic zero set for photoelectric-type sunshine recorder, ZL201320289995.

23. The device of season compensation for photoelectric-type sunshine recorder, ZL201320290003.4

24. Ground-clutter recognition software for dual-polarization radar V1.0, 2012SR097889

25. Software for radar RZ product display V1.0, 2012SR088169

26. The monitoring system for multi-layer soil resistivity V3.0, 2012SR080828

27. The integrated application platform for lightning warning, 2012SR080863

28. Test and fault diagnosis system for CINRAD-SA weather radar, 2012SR088407

29. Dangerous weather quotation software V1.0, 2012SR088057

30. The USB-based digital intermediate frequency test system software for Doppler weather radar, 2010SR028877

31. The control terminal software for ADWR - X weather radar, 2010SR027217

32. Signal processing terminal software for Doppler weather radar , 2010SR026313

33. Signal processing terminal software for wind profiling radar , 2010SR026315

34. The application software development frame work for general weather radar, 2010SR026321

35. Polarization radar signal processing and display software for RHI mode, 2013SR049454

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