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In recent five years, teachers in KLAS have published 562 papers, including 52 SCI/EI articles, 132 articles in Chinese core journals. Some representative papers list as follows:

1. He Jianxin. Design and realization of combination pulse transmit mode in solid- State weather radar, Plateau meteorology.

2. Shi Zhao. Differential reflectivity calibration of dual-polarization weather radar, Modern radar.

3. Wang Haijiang. Application of Vector Analysis on Study of illuminated area and doppler characteristics of airborne pulse radar , EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing.

4. Shi Zhao. Analysis and application of dual-polarization parameters about ground clutter from x-band weather radar, Plateau meteorology.

5. Li Xuehua.Geostationary weather radar super-resolution modelling and reconstruction process, International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling.

6. Li Xuehua.Weather radar range and angular super-resolution reconstruction technique on oversampled reflectivity data, Journal of Computational Information Systems.

7. Wang Yuexia, He Jianxin. Research on spectral moments estimation for spaceborne weather radar. Computer Engineering and Applications.

8. H. Wang. A feasibility study for the construction of an atmospheric precipitable water vapor model based on the neural network technology, Desalination and Water Treatment.

9. Wang Jiang.An orientation method and analysis of optical radiation sources based on polyhedron and parallel incident light .SCIENCE CHINA (Technological Sciences).

10. Li Guoping.Formation of the anomalous summer precipitation in east China in 2010 and 1998: A comparison of the impacts of two kinds of El Nio. ACTA METEOROLOGICA SINICA.

11. WangjiangA Measuring Method of Light Source Angles,ACTA ELECRONICA SINICA

12. Zhou Changwu A new method of source apportionment of atmospheric particulate matter by exploring origin of mixed source.China Environmental Science

13. Zhu Lihua.The Spatial-Temporal Structure of 500-hPa Zonal Wind in Summer in the Tibetan Plateau and Its Relationship to the Precipitation in China.China Journal of Atmospheric Seciences.

14. Li GuoPing.Characteristics of the tangential flow field of the Tibetan Plateau vortices and associated waves.Acta Meteorologica Sinica

15. Zhu Keyun.Interannual and Interdecadal Variabilities of Circulation over Lake Baikal Region in Late Spring and Their Association with Temperature and Precipitation over China.Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences.

16. Liu Haiwen. Interdecadal Variations of Summer Southeast and Southwest Monsoon Frequency over East Asia and Its Relationship with Snow Cover over the Tibetan Plateau for Recent 30 Years.Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

17. Li Guoping. Atmospheric water monitoring by using ground-based GPS during heavy rains produced by TPV and SWV. Advances in Meteorology.

18. Li Guoping.Numerical Experiments on Influence of Tibetan Plateau on Persistent Heavy Rain in South China. Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

19. Li Guoping. Analysis of Longstanding Summer Blocking Highs over the Ural Mountains and Their Relationship with Tropical Thermal Anomalies.Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences.

20. Li Guoping.On the formation of anomalous summer precipitation in the years of 2010 and 1998: A comparison of the El Ni(n)o's impact between Modoki and typical El Ni(n)o cases.Acta Meteorologica Sinica

21. Li Guoping.A new techniques for strom cell and mesoscale convective systems identification, tracking and nowcasting based on the radar mosaic data.Acta Meteorologica Sinica

22. Zhu Keyun.Characteristic Analysis on Satellite Image of Thunderstorm in Tibet Based on Different Channel and Cloud Index Methods.Plateau Meteorology

23. Bai Aijuan.Contrast of Diurnal Variations of Summer Precipitation between the Tibetan Plateau and Sichuan Basin.Plateau Meteorology

24. Gong Yuanfa.The Probability Distribution of the Maximum Amount of Daily Precipitation During 20 Days in Summer of the Huaihe Basins.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

25. Li Guoping.Preliminary Theoretical Study of Waves in the Tibetan Plateau Vortex.Plateau Meteorology

26. Xiao Tiangui.Error Analysis of the Numerical Value Forecast for Tropical Cyclone Paths with the T213L31 Model.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

27. Fan Guangzhou.Error Analysis of the Numerical Value Forecast for Tropical Cyclone Paths with the T213L31 Model.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

28. Li Guoping.Numerical Simulation and Structure Characteristic Analysis of a Plateau Vortex Process.Plateau Meteorology

29. Fan Guangzhou.Research for Length Change of Four Seasonsover China in Recent 47 Years.Plateau Meteorology

30. Chen Quanliang. Influences of the Deflection of Stratospheric Polar Vortex on Winter Precipitation of China.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

31. Li Guoping. Application of Vertical Component of Convective Vorticity Vector to the Diagnosis of a Rainstorm Brought by Southwest Vortex.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

32. Chen Quanliang. Relationship between Stratospheric Polar Vortex Change and Temperature, Precipitation in Winter of China.Plateau Meteorology

33. Fang Guangzhou.Calibrating 2 m Temperature Forecast for the Regional Ensemble Prediction System at NMC.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

34. Chen Keyi.Monitoring Sand-Dust Transport in Mongolia Gobi Using OMI Data.Plateau Meteorology.

35. Li Guoping. Analysis on the Moisture Flux of a Rainstorm by Southwest Vortex Using Precipitable Water Vapor Data of Ground-based GPS.Plateau Meteorology

36. Bai Aijuan. Characteristic Analysis of a Severe Convective Weather over Tibetan Plateau Based on TRMM Data.Plateau Meteorology

37. Fan Guangzhou..The Applicability and Modification of Takahashi Formula for Evaporation Estimation in Lhasa.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

38. Fang Guangzhou.Numerical Simulation of Effect of Sea Spray on Typhoon 'Morakot' Structure.Plateau Meteorology

39. Si zhao. Analysis and Application of Dual-Polarization Parameters about Ground Clutter from X-Band Weather Radar.Plateau Meteorology

40. Zhang Ju. Monitoring Nitrogen Deposition on Temperate Grassland in Inner Mongolia. Environmental Science

41. Li Guoping. Diagnostic Analysis of the Relationships between the Summer Precipitation in the Sichuan-Chongqing Region and SST in the Equatorial Indian Ocean.Journal of Natural Resources

42. Zhou Yunjun.Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Microphysical Process of Thunderstorm on Electrical Activity.Plateau Meteorology

43. Gong Yuanf.Effects of Key Regional SST Inter-decadal Anomaly on Summer Precipitation in Eastern China.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

44. Li Guoping. Impact of the Different Boundary Layer Parameterization Schemes on Numerical Simulation of Plateau Vortex Moving Eastward.Plateau Meteorology

45. Fan Guangzhou.Study of EOF Quality Control Method of 2 m Temperature.Plateau Meteorology

46. Zhu Keyun.Automatic Identification and Alert of Gust Fronts.Journal of Applied Meteorological Science

47. Fang Guangzhou.Interannual and Interdecadel Changes of Summer Low over the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau and Its Relationship to Precipitation in China.Plateau Meteorology

48. Xiao.Guojie.Temporal-Spatial Distribution of Precipitation in Chengdu.Meteorological Science and Technology

49. Li Zuoyong.Groundwater Quality Assessment Based on Grey Cluster of Index Normalization Values.Journal of China Hydrology

50. Zhou Yunjun. Advances in Measurement of Rain and Cloud Distribution by Active and Passive Remote Sensing System.Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences

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