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Open Project

Management Measures

I. The objective to establish the open topics of Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding, China Meteorological Administration

1. In order to create good scientific research atmosphere, improve the influence of Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding, China Meteorological Administration (hereinafter called Laboratory), strengthen academic exchange and play the academic strengths of relevant domestic and foreign experts, the Laboratory hereby establishes open topics for domestic and foreign business technicians and researchers in atmosphere sounding to build the Laboratory into an “open, operating and united” scientific research entity.

II. The conditions and basic requirements for applying open topic

2. The outer domestic and foreign business technicians and researchers with their research direction in atmosphere sounding conforming to the open topic guide of the Laboratory can apply.

3. The applicant shall not be over 55 years old. The researchers shall have senior professional title or doctoral degree in principle. The business technicians shall be the scientific research or business technology backbones in their units in principle.

4. The open topics shall conform to the research direction and guide requirements of the Laboratory. There shall be innovative research contents, techniques and methods. The predicted objectives and implementation plan shall be feasible. The results shall be scientifically significant or have operationalapplication prospect. The budget shall also be reasonable. As for projects with operationalapplication prospect, there shall be operationalunit to participate and provide test run environment.

5. The open topics must be in the form in cooperation with personnel from the support unit (Chengdu University of Information Technology) of this Laboratory. As the visiting researchers of this Laboratory, the bearers shall work at the Laboratory for 0.5 to 2 months yearly after starting the topics. The laboratory shall provide necessary scientific research facilities and subsidies accordingly.

6. There shall be definite assessment index and intellectual property ownership declaration for thefunded open topics. The bearers’ units and the Laboratory shall share the research results. As for software research topics, all source program texts and instructions shall be provided. “Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding, China Meteorological Administration” shall be the attribution unit on the published scientific papers. It shall also be noted in those papers as the funded open topics of this Laboratory.

III. Application and determination of open topics

7. The Laboratory shall publish yearly open topic guide periodically on or

8. The applicant shall fill out Open Topic Declaration of Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding provided by the Laboratory according to the published guide and send to Academic Secretariat of the Laboratory in quadruplicate.

(Contact address: Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding, Chengdu University of Information Technology, No. 24 First Section of Xuefu Road, Economic Development Zone, Southwest Harbor, Chengdu, Sichuan (610225), contact method: 86-28-85966349, Email: or

9. The laboratory shall conduct formal examination after receiving open topic declarations. The qualified declarations shall be submitted to Academic Committee or Expert Group for reviewing. The yearly list of funded open topics and corresponding fund amount shall be determined finally and published online correspondingly.

10. The academic secretary of the Laboratory shall call or email the fund recipients on the list to fill out the open topic assignment book provided by the Laboratory. The project leaders shall submit the assignment books to theScientific and Technological Management Department for sealing and sending back to the academic secretariat of the Laboratory in quadruplicate.

11. The academic secretary of the Laboratory shall be in charge of submitting the assignment books to the responsible director of the Laboratory for signing and the Scientific and Technological Department of the university for sealing. Then the Planning and Finance Department of the university shall be notified to implement topic funds. The Laboratory, Science Research Office of the university, open topic bearer and the unit shall hold one copy each.

IV. Open Topic Management and Use of Fund

12. The management of open topics of the Laboratory is in reference to the management measures on special projects for new meteorological technologies dissemination of China Meteorological Administration and the management measures on science and technology projects of the support unit (Chengdu University of Information Technology) and the Laboratory.

13. The research period for open topic is 1 to 2 years. The support amount for key topic is 20 to 50 thousand Yuan. The free declaration topics is 10 to 30 thousand Yuan support amount. The Laboratory shall determine the number of funded topics as per the total funds. The topics shall be no less than 5 in principle.

14. The topic bearer can start to research after signing the assignment book and shall submit annual progress report, paper publishing summary and others to the Laboratory before December 20 every year. The bearer shall participate in academic exchange as arranged by the Laboratory during working in the Laboratory and submit work summary and related result certification after ending the topic.

15. The topic fund is used in two purposes. 60% of fund is appropriated to the unit of the topic bearer (wherein 10% is used for topic-conclusion acceptation), 40% of fund is used as materialization costs, research funds and subsidies (the Laboratory will complement in case of insufficient fund otherwise) during working as visiting researcher in the Laboratory.

16. 40% of the total fund shall be appropriated to the unit of the bearer after the open topic assignment book is signed. The rest part (20% of the total fund) shall be appropriated within one month after conclusion acceptation upon successful completion of the topic. The Laboratory shall manage 40% of the fund. The fund shall be used as per relevant regulations of the support unit (Chengdu University of Information Technology) and shall be under supervision of the Laboratory and thesupport unit (Chengdu University of Information Technology).

17. The bearer shall present application to the Laboratory three months ahead of time when preparing to conclude the topic upon its completion. The bearer shall prepare topic acceptation report and related technical files and determine conclusion acceptation procedures with theacademic secretary of the Laboratory. The bearer shall also participate in academic reporting and exchange in the Laboratory in due time.

V. Assessment, rewards and punishments

18. The laboratory director will join the Academic Committee to assess the progress of open topics. The Laboratory will give priority to the bearer passing assessment and conclusion acceptation in re-applying for open topics of the Laboratory. As for failed topics, the next-stage fund shall not be appropriated or shall be delayed. The Laboratory will not accept open topic application from thebearer failing in assessment within two years.

19. The open topic bearer shall work at the Laboratory as visiting researcher at least for half a month yearly. Those not able to work at the Laboratory reasonably must explain to the Laboratory to get approved. Or the Laboratory will not accept new open topic application from such bearer within two years. In case the bearer can’t work at the Laboratory as visiting researcher, the rest fund not appropriated to the unit shall be appropriated in delay. The Laboratory shall take back the part of research fund (40% of the total fund) managed by it.

20. The Laboratory shall pay the page charges if bearer publishes papers as the first author with “Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding, China Meteorological Administration” as the first work unit on domestic core publications (or high-lever publications).

21. The open topic shall be unqualified if the bearer fails to start work for no reason during topic implementation or fails to publish any results or papers as signed “Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding, China Meteorological Administration”. The Laboratory has the right to take back all or part of the funds appropriated and shall not accept the open topic application from such bearer within three years.

V. Supplementary provisions

22. The special open topics are under supervision and guidance of Academic Committee of Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding, China Meteorological Administration. The topic selection, approval, implementation, results transformation and others shall be conducted as per development direction of the Laboratory and relevant planning of China Meteorological Administration preferably.

23. The management measures shall become valid upon approval through discussion in the First Meeting of the First Session Academic Committee of the Laboratory and will be implemented in February 1, 2007.

24. The Academic Committee of the Laboratory is responsible for explaining the measures.

Application process

Open TopicGuide

In order to engage in scientific and technological research on atmosphere sounding, improve the development of atmosphere sounding technologies and cultivate the scientific manpower in atmosphere sounding technologies, Key Laboratory of Atmosphere Sounding, China Meteorological Administration (hereinafter called Laboratory), based on the development strategies of meteorology and its reform scheme of operational technology system in china, aims at developing and researching high-tech sounding technologies to a greater extent to develop a new generation of atmosphere soundingsystem as per the development objective and scientific research planning of this year. Hereby it is to publish the open topic guide in 2007, the requirements are as follows:

The open topic period of the Laboratory is two years. The laboratory accepts scientific manpower from domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions for researching. The funded capital ranges from 5 thousand to 20 thousand Yuan generally and reaches above 20 thousand Yuan for key research project. See open topic management measures for use and management of open fund.

Main research directions to be funded by the Laboratory in 2007 are: 

1.New meteorological radar system, signal processing theory and new industrial research

2.Weather modification system commanding and effect monitoring research

3.Comprehensive information processing on atmosphere sounding and technical support research

4.Research on new technologies of lightning protection and application usinglightning monitoring data

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