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Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Sounding (KLAS) is an important part of the meteorological technology innovation system for China Meteorological Administration. KLAS is a significant open place for research, technology integration, achievements transformation, high-level education and academic exchanges of atmospheric sounding technology. It plays important role in promoting the core competitiveness and operational support capabilities for the key meteorological technology area.

KLAS always focuses on domestic technological development prospect and strategic objectives for the meteorological development needs. KLAS also focuses on international cutting-edge technology. For solving many problems constraining the development of modern meteorological services, we have strengthened the innovative research and technology integration, attracted and trained outstanding talents, and transform technology achievement to business , and improved the level of modern meteorological services.

KLAS was established in 2006, consisting of meteorological radar lab, surface weather observation lab, comprehensive data application lab, satellite remote sensing lab, and lightning monitoring lab. Meteorological radar lab always focuses on radar system engineering improvement, data quality control and signal processing. Surface weather observation lab focuses on meteorological instrument automation and promoting research instrument domestication. Comprehensive data application lab focuses on quality control of observational data, data fusion, research meteorological products algorithms, and equipment monitoring. Satellite remote sensing lab focuses on forward modeling, inverse modeling, and applications of satellite remote sensing. Lightning monitoring lab focuses on lightning detection and cloud lightning detection equipment.

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